Is Gorn Kid-Friendly? [2023 Review & VR Alternatives]

Is Gorn Kid-Friendly [2023 Review & VR Alternatives]

Exploring the Brutal and Quirky World of Gorn

Gorn, an immersive virtual reality (VR) game developed by Free Lives, offers players an opportunity to step into a gladiator arena and engage in fierce combat. With its cartoon-like cel-shaded graphics and unique physics, Gorn captures the attention of gamers with its blend of amusement and brutality. However, the question remains: Is Gorn suitable for children? In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Gorn and determine whether it is a kid-friendly game or not.

The Brutal and Gruesome Nature of Gorn

GORN is immediately amusing with its quirky visuals, which feature cartoon-like cel-shaded graphics. These graphics are both quaint and impressive, serving to soften the horror that would typically accompany hacking off limbs and bashing in heads. However, it’s important to note that Gorn is still a brutal game, and the violence it portrays is not suitable for children.

  1. Gorn’s gameplay revolves around gladiatorial combat, where players engage in intense battles with a wide range of weapons.
  2. The game features graphic violence, including dismemberment, bloodshed, and even eyeballs popping out.
  3. Severed limbs and other gory elements are prevalent throughout the game.

Understanding the Violence in Gorn

It’s important to note that Gorn is designed for mature audiences and is not intended for children. The game involves dismemberment, bloodshed, and graphic violence. Limbs can be hacked off, heads can be bashed in, and eyeballs can escape from their sockets. While the graphics may have a cartoonish quality, the violence is still explicit and may be disturbing for young players.

Age Appropriateness and Ratings

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has given Gorn a rating of “Mature 17+” due to its intense violence and bloodshed. This rating indicates that the game is suitable for players aged 17 and above. The ESRB rating serves as a helpful guideline for parents and caregivers to make informed decisions about the games their children play.

The Mature Rating and Its Implications

Gorn carries a mature rating for a reason. It contains explicit content that is not appropriate for young audiences. Taking the mature rating seriously is crucial, and players should be aware of the implications before diving into the game.

  1. The game’s mature rating signifies that it is intended for players who are of age and capable of handling its explicit content.
  2. PlayStation VR, which is required to play the PS4 version of Gorn, is not recommended for children under the age of 12.
  3. VR games, including Gorn, can induce motion sickness in some players.

Unviolent Mode: An Alternative for a Less Gruesome Experience

It’s worth mentioning that Gorn offers an alternative mode called “Unviolent Mode,” which significantly reduces the level of violence and gore in the game. This mode may make Gorn more suitable for players who prefer a less gruesome experience, including children.

  1. In Unviolent Mode, blood is replaced with candy, and gladiators transform into walking pinatas.
  2. The bones inside the gladiators are replaced with candy cane bones, and the heart inside the body turns into a box of chocolate.
  3. Unviolent Mode provides a whimsical twist to the gameplay, making it less intense and more child-friendly.

Alternative Kid-Friendly VR Games

If you’re looking for virtual reality games that are more suitable for children, there are numerous options available. Some popular kid-friendly VR games include “Beat Saber,” a rhythm game that challenges players to slash beats with lightsabers, and “Moss,” an adventure game that follows the journey of a young mouse named Quill. These games offer exciting and immersive experiences without the explicit violence found in Gorn.

Playing Gorn without VR

Some players may wonder if it’s possible to enjoy Gorn without a virtual reality headset. However, it’s important to note that Gorn requires a virtual reality headset to play. Without the necessary equipment, players will not be able to experience the game.

  1. Gorn is specifically designed as a VR game and relies on the immersive nature of virtual reality to provide an engaging experience.
  2. To play Gorn, players need to meet the system requirements and have access to a compatible VR headset.

Considering the Rating and Experience

If Gorn were a movie, it would likely receive a rating well over PG-13 due to its extreme violence, gore, and explicit content. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize that Gorn is not suitable for children.

  1. Gorn’s level of violence and explicit content exceeds what is considered appropriate for young audiences.
  2. Players should approach Gorn with an understanding of its mature rating and the implications it carries.


In conclusion, Gorn is not a kid-friendly game. Its brutal combat, explicit violence, and mature rating make it unsuitable for children. However, the game does offer an Unviolent Mode, which provides a less gruesome experience for players who prefer a more lighthearted approach. Nevertheless, it’s important to take the mature rating seriously and ensure that Gorn is played by the appropriate audience. So, if you’ve got the guts and are of age, Gorn’s strange and satisfying combat awaits you in the gladiatorial arena.

Note: PlayStation VR2, required for the PS5 version of Gorn, is also not recommended for children under the age of 12, and VR games may cause motion sickness in some players.

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